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Quindrey Davis is a skilled in both drum set and electronic composition. He excels in all aspects of drum set percussion performance. Since the age of 5, Quindrey Started his career performing with local church groups. By the age of 16, Quindrey went on his first tour.

Quindrey performs and teaches a vast vocabulary in drum set styles.He studied Percussion Performance at Eastern Washington University Quindrey’s career has been extensive and varied, ranging from gospel,  jazz, soul, rock, metal to performances as a classical percussionist in symphonic, chamber music and solo recital settings. In addition, he has performed with  multiple celebrated artists including: Allen Stone, Alex Acuna ,Snarky Puppy, Donnie McClurkin, Yvette C. Williams, Vulfpeck , Phil Doyle, Leon Atkinson, Michael Waldrop, Spokane Brass Quintet, Bob Curnow Big Band, Spokane Jazz Orchestra (2021-now) and many more. Quindrey has performed at the Reno Jazz Festival (2017) and The Monterey Jazz Festival (2019). Quindrey has placed 1st in the District Finals for the Guitar Center Drum-Off  (2011 and 2013).  Ain't Too Proud  Broadway Musical (2023). 


Quindrey is a versatile percussionist and versatile in many drum set styles. He is comfortable in any genre or commercial music setting as a drum set player. He is also comfortable in a classical orchestral setting. He is a virtuoso drum set player, whether performing his own music, or that of other composers. In addition to these performance skills. Quindrey is an upcoming producer and composer.

Quindrey continues to grow as a percussionist and as a musician. Davis continues to learn and gain experience in his craft. The truest musical biography of Quindrey can be heard in his music, recordings and performances. Quindrey’s music is available on all music platforms!


Quindrey is the current band director at NWCS and is the department leader of percussion at the Bartell Music Academy.




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